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Technology Based Training


Tom Johnson carries errors and omissions insurance and provides consulting services to manufacturers, operators and regulatory agencies involved with the food and beverage sector.   Past and present clients and projects:  
  1. TurboChef has hired us as appellates representatives to assist them in the uniform interpretation of national codes so that hoods/fire systems not be forced into Turbochef installations.

  2. Spring USA has hired us as appellates representatives to assist them in the uniform interpretation of national codes so that hoods/fire systems not be forced into Spring Induction heating systems installation.

  3. Quiznos Corporation has hired us as appellates representatives to assist them in the uniform interpretation of national codes so that the installation of their QVent ventilation systems need not require expensive Type I installation.

  4. North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) has me on retainer as their consultant for regulatory relations.  In this capacity I serve on the UL Advisory Committee and work directly with ANSI, NSF, FDA, CFP and other groups involved with the standards development process.

  5. Pizza Hut contracted for submittal services in (8) States on a unique engineered hood system, resulting in approvals in every jurisdiction approached.

  6. Neorislogistics hired us to train their staff in food safety and provide guidance to optimize their real time cross docking supply chain management software with individual ingredient lot traceability, with the CCP data from the process piggy backed right onto the information backbone

  7. MetalFab from Wichita KS hired us to develop strategies to accelerate acceptance of their products in the market place and with building departments. 

  8. A couple of independent school districts in the St. Paul/Minneapolis south metro contracted for food safety program development.  Servesafe training was conducted under a separate contract.

  9. State of Minnesota Department of Administration contracts with me to train building officials.  The Building Official Institute also pays us to train building officials in the field of commercial kitchen ventilation and fire suppression.

  10. Sanitation and intervention systems: 

    a.     Consulted with a confidential client for two years in the field of on-demand-at-point-of-use sterilizers.

    b.     Consulted to Bernard Technologies, patent holder for a core technology that enables the generation of chlorine dioxide, the ideal biocide.

    c.     Launching BioGuard Cutting boards with Agion antimicrobial technology

New brands that are seeking market access or would like to have their marketing plans scrutinized to determine optimal path to market (reps, distributors and/or direct) would be well advised to approach us early in their life.  Our vision for where the industry is going is rooted in our diverse sector specialty experiences with several layers of experience and familiarity with advanced technologies, capabilities and innovative methods.  We offer clients a unique model; whereby we may start by providing strategic marketing services which evolves into other separate agreements, including but not limited to sales and marketing contracts; or even buy/sell arrangements with JDP. 


- Johnson Diversified Products has developed a number of multi-media educational presentations, and can customize a presentation to meet a specific customers needs. Examples of presentations include:

Partners in Public Safety - This popular presentation discusses the 2001 FDA Food Code, and how the various federal, state and local code authorities work together to interpret and enforce laws that relate to public safety. This presentation was borne out of the cooperative efforts between JDP, The Minnesota Department of Agriculture, the Minnesota Department of Health, the Bloomington (MN) health department and one of the largest food retailers in the world.

Where Hazards Collide - This presentation promotes the multi-disciplinary approach to designing foodservice codes, as well as foodservice space. In this presentation we investigate issues that arise when various aspects of public safety conflict.  For instance, we examine how various mechanical and fire codes end up costing the restaurant owner an enormous amount of extra money due to ventilation requirements, without improving public safety, and how to succeed with (section 105) alternate method submittals.

Serving Safe Food  -  This comprises the required day long review and certification examination for the Servesafe Food Safety Training Program.  We were the first company to offer presentation graphics for the Servesafe review and have revised our content continuously to assure it complies with current Servesafe materials and its examination.  Successful completion satisfies requirements for every major U.S. jurisdictional authority for Food manager Certification.  This presentation is slanted to the establishment owner and design professional.

Technology Based Training (TBT)

  -  JDP has developed several very specialized computer based training courses on such diverse subjects as blast chilling to water treatment. Beyond these very specialized training needs, JDP has partnered with some industry leading TBT providers so that we can develop extremely effective web-based, and computer based training for our clients, so that we can develop the accurate and clear content, while leveraging the expertise of our partners as it relates to adult learning and media development.