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It is becoming more and more obvious to us that Codes are a major influence in path the foodservice industry will follow. At JDP, we are not only trying to follow these changes, but are actively involved in predicting and creating these new paths.

Tom Johnsons' presentation at the MUFES 2006 conference is available online. The title of the presentation was "Regulation or Restraint", and discussed how our industry and our nation needs uniform interpretation and enforcement of science based food rules to improve public safety and decrease cost.

We are actively involved in the NRAQA, which is a group of Quality Assurance Directors from major chains, so that we can know what major end users are experiencing and requiring as these industry transformations take place.

Tom Johnson is on retainer consulting to the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers on Regulatory Relations.  In this capacity, he was named to the UL Advisory Committee, which is involved with industry consensus standards development and certification programs.  

The State of Minnesota hired us to make a training presentation at the 45th annual Building Officials Institute at the University of Minnesota in January, marking the introduction of an entirely new family of building codes modeled from the International Code Commission documents.  

A couple of years ago, Tom was a speaker at the Food Safety Summit in Washington DC and gave a very insightful presentation.  view a copy of his presentation here (It is 12M in size!). He got a chance to show how our product offerings from MASTCO, Phonetics, Hanna, Deltatrak and Monitor, can work together to create eHACCP!

Sanitation interventions are another area where we have knowledge and have developed expertise. This is an area where there will be explosive growth for the foodservice and entire hospitality industry.

Our sales of Phonetics products ,including the Sensaphone 2000, and SCADA 3000 units, are really taking off.   Schools monitor their walk-ins so if the power goes out, or temperature rise, they get a phone call fax or email message alerting them to the problem.  The meat producers are really finding these products to be a critical component in ensuring that their products are kept at the appropriate temperatures.

We have been working on water treatment for years, leveraging the excellent product line of SouthEastern Filtration. Recently, we even had a situation where the customer had excessive ammonia to deal with. Who solved their problem, well JDP and SouthEastern of course.

Foodservice Equipment Dealers from across the country continue to benefit from our large inventory of Chicago Faucet parts. Check out our item list yourself.

For you techno-geeks, we have installed our new file and telephony server! This server with feature 18G of Raid 5 hard disks, redundant power supplies, and our Altigen telephony solution. This install also marks our 1st implementation of Windows 2000 Server!