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Thomas Johnson tomj@jdpinc.com ServSafe Certified Ext 101

President and CEO. The food service industry is changing rapidly due to a host of developments. Among them are consolidation among manufacturers and consolidation in the channels of distribution. At the same time, the evolution of codes and standards that relate to public safety continues to influence what products and services the market needs. My job is to be the keeper of the vision as to how we add value and what types of new services we can provide. Education, training, and sound business practices that leverage new technological standards are a few of the skills that we have acquired. We endeavor to be the educators and the communicators in our industry. Here is Tom Johnsons' biography (600K pdf)

Paul Johnson paulj@jdpinc.com CFSP and ServSafe Certified Ext 111

Vice President and CFO. Our distribution company is committed to bringing our manufacturing partners products to market by partnering with Kitchen Equipment Contractors, and wholesalers. When solution distribution requires a significant level of coordination and experience, we are there to fulfill the role.  My experience as an engineer and as a salesman calling on very sophisticated end users allows me to develop processes that meet the needs of our customers, manufacturers and channel partners.


Scott Johnson  ServSafe Certified scottj@jdpinc.com Ext 102

Scott is our customer service coordinator. Questions on product lines, and pricing can be directed to Scott. In house website developer and programmer. Scott is in charge of keeping the website up to date, graphics, and in house production.

Mike Sumner              mikes@jdpinc.com Ext 106

Mike is is our warehouse manager, and as such he is responsible for our Time Temp monitoring, Chicago Faucet, and Quick Chill products.


Tom Quade is our bookkeeper, and helps our CFO keep the ship moving forward.