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Phonetics, Inc offers a truly unique and cost effective family of products to address the most sophisticated monitoring and alarm needs. Whether you are monitoring product temperatures in a meat processing plant, or need to receive an automatic phone call/page when a walk-in cooler goes down in a school district kitchen, Sensaphone has the solution.

Johnson Diversified Products has sold the entire range of products from Phonetics. When we first started working with this product line in the foodservice industry, we knew we could sell a lot of the simple 4 input auto-dialers, and our unbelievably function packed logging data monitors, but we have been pleasantly surprised at how many food and foodservice operations are using the SCADA systems (Systems Control Automated Data Acquisition) and Sensaphone Express monitoring units. In fact we have begun using the SCADA 3000 on Groen Cook Chill operations to monitor HACCP compliance. Not only can the 3000 log multiple temp sensors throughout the cook chill process, but we can alarm when critical time-temperature limits are not met. The SCADA 3000 can be monitored in a wide variety of ways, including calling in to check status, receiving call reports and alarms, emails, and even web based status reports.

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