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   St Vincents Cook-Chill Status
  Report Time: 12/4/2001 10:21:16 AM

Alarm  Description   Status   State  UAF  Value 
 No Existing Alarms 

UAF  Description  Value 
I,0,1  Water Jet  33.80 Deg. F 
I,0,2  Cook Tank  187.00 Deg. F 
I,0,3  Walk In  35.90 Deg. F 
I,0,4  Kettle 65.00 Deg. F 

Plot of Temperature log for Groen Water Jet. From a food safety standpoint, we are interested in how long it takes to go from 41 to 165 and from 165 to 41. With the SCADA 3000 we are developing a C program that will send an alarm not only if a specific temperature is not achieved, but even if a temperature is not achieved in a given amount of time.