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98810 hann9181.jpg (4876 bytes) Automate your HACCP plan with this printing logging thermometer. Data can be downloaded to your PC!
Checktemp chktemp.jpg (9174 bytes) The perfect pocket thermometer. Digital read out, accurate measurement, even a built in calibration check! All for a great price.
9041 hann9041.jpg (5198 bytes) Simplest Multi-Probe Thermometer available. Don't forget the optional calibration key!
99556 hann9271.jpg (4198 bytes) Combination IR and probe thermometer. Now one thermometer can check core and surface temps!
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Accurate, reliable thermometers are an absolute requirement for foodservice operations today. Hanna Instruments makes a full line of thermometry products to suit any need.

Foodservice thermometers
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Special on Demo units - $200

Units come with a 90 day warranty. Click here for specifications.