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This is a list of the more popular faucets for foodservice applications. It is also a partial list of items stocked by Johnson Diversified Products. Many of these faucets can be matched with a variety of spouts, and other customizations. If you need assistance, please just give us a call!

1366-NF CF1000Y000NN twist drain
350-E1 CF600Y00TN Single hole deck mount
445-DJ13E1CP CF2331D301LC Double joint 13" spout
445-DJ18E1CP CF2331D801LC Double joint 18" spout
445-L12E1CP CF2331H201LC Splash mount with 12" spout
445-L8E1CP CF2331H801LC Splash mount with 8" spout
445-L9E1CP CF231H901LC Splash mount with 9" spout
50-E1CP CF3511G501LC Single hole deck mount
510-GCCP CF9831P105LC
521-GN2AE1CP CF2431G501LC Splash mount - 4" on center
526-GN2AE1CP CF2411G501LC Deck mount - 4" on center
527-S6E1CP CF2911H601LC Deck mount - 8" on center
535-NF CF7035P105GN Exposed valve hose reel
536-NF CF7045P105GN Concealed valve hose reel
537-NF CF7030P105NN Hose reel without cover
540-LDL12-1-159-3/4CP CF2833H201LC Splash mount 3/4" HI-Flow
540-LDL8E1CP CF2831H801LC Splash mount - 8" on center
613-ACP CF9051H901LC Adapta faucet for pre-rinse
652-CP CF1210G507NC Galileo AC powered
682-CP CF4210G507NC Galileo DC powered
80-CP CF900P105NC Spray head
923-HCCP CF9337P105LC Pre-rinse splash mount